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The Analyze about the Kyo Kusanagi from the game "The King of the Fighters "

May 19,2024 | SNK MVSX

Kyo Kusanagi is one of the core characters in "The King of Fighters" (KOF) series and a symbolic figure in the game. He first appeared in 1994's "The King of Fighters '94" and quickly became the protagonist and emblem of the series. Kyo is widely loved by players for his cool fire skills, handsome appearance, and rivalry with Iori Yagami. Here is a detailed introduction to Kyo Kusanagi:

Character Background

Kyo Kusanagi is the heir of the Kusanagi family, inheriting the ability to control fire. The Kusanagi family is one of the three sacred treasure families in Japan, alongside the Yata family and the Yasakani family. Kyo's father, Saisyu Kusanagi, is a powerful fighter, and Kyo grew up under his guidance to become an excellent warrior.

The Kusanagi family's archenemies are the Yagami family, and the hatred between the two families has lasted for generations. The rivalry between Kyo and Iori Yagami is one of the major plot lines in the KOF series. Their rivalry represents both the continuation of family feuds and personal competition.

Skills and Moves

Kyo's fighting style combines traditional karate with his family's fire control skills. His moves mainly involve fire attacks, featuring great destructive power and visual impact. Here are some of Kyo's classic moves:

  1. Orochinagi (108 Shiki: Orochinagi)

    • Kyo's signature super move, where he gathers flames in his hands and then slashes out, creating a massive wave of fire. This move is not only powerful but also visually stunning.
  2. Oniyaki (100 Shiki: Oniyaki)

    • A flaming uppercut where Kyo's body is enveloped in flames during the attack. This move has a large attack range and great destructive power, making it one of his main counter moves.
  3. 75 Shiki Kai

    • One of Kyo's combination moves where he starts with a low sweep attack and quickly follows with a jumping kick. The entire sequence is smooth and continuous, providing strong combo potential.
  4. Ryuenbu (125 Shiki: Ryuenbu)

    • During the attack, Kyo spins his body while releasing a circle of flames, causing damage to surrounding enemies. This move has a large attack range and is very flashy.

Personality and Characteristics

Kyo Kusanagi is tenacious and calm, while also having the passion and impulsiveness of youth. His sense of responsibility to his family and loyalty to his friends make him the core figure in his team. Despite his irreconcilable rivalry with Iori Yagami, Kyo can set aside their enmity and join forces with Iori when facing common enemies.

Character Impact

Kyo Kusanagi is not only the protagonist of the KOF series but also one of SNK's representative characters. His image appears in many derivative works, merchandise, and crossover collaborations, becoming an iconic symbol in gaming culture. Kyo's fire skills and handsome appearance have made him an idol for countless players.


As the core character of the KOF series, Kyo Kusanagi has won widespread love and attention with his unique fire skills, deep family background, and complex character relationships. His presence not only adds depth and charm to the game but also makes him a classic character in the entire fighting game genre.